1. Didn’t expect to find that on a mountain trail.

        Didn’t expect to find that on a mountain trail.

        1. In the woods…

          In comes the sunshine, and with it the desire to be outside. To keep training fresh and fun, i use outside activities to compliment the gym. Kayaking, hiking, swimming in the ocean, biking. They all play a part in the warmth of the summer sun. So what to do when good days go bad. Well i will tell you, it happens 3.5 km up the side of a mountain on a beautiful Saturday morning with friends. Did the work of getting up the hill to a place which was to be rest and photo’s, but for me turned into swearing and extreme pain. It also kicked of a bad 5 days of struggle and stress. So what happened you ask? We got to the bridge that crosses the creek that just around the corner is the falls that are feed by the creek. So in my haste, i ventured off path to the side of a little drop which lead to the falls. What i didn’t know was under the moss, leaf litter, and what ever else makes up the forest floor, hides a block of wood with a 8 inch long and quarter inch wide spike. So with a few quick steps, my day of adventure turned to a day of sitting in the ER waiting for the doctor. So if you see me limping around, you now know why.